A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Liberation of Vallasea is an RPG that I have started making for the Indie Game Making contest 2018 that I plan on turning into a full game on my own time no matter how well I do in the contest.

Vallasea is a world like ours with some important differences such as magic being real. The game takes place during the turbulent times of the early industrial revoloution where the economy is undergoing enormous change and civil pressures have pushed the lands into armed conflict.

On a whim you decide to explore the mines under your home village of Valine via climbing down an old well. The rope snaps and during your escape from the mines you uncover a conspiracy against the throne lead by the king's younger brother and duke of the western province. But as you continue your quest you discover that not all is as it seems.

The game is not yet complete and I have released this version for the contest. I have plans to expand the game no matter how well I do in the contest.

Install instructions

The Win downloadable contains a windows executable while the web download contains the HTML5 version of the game that is cross platform.


Liberation of Vallasea B2 Win.zip 175 MB
Liberation of Vallasea B2 Web.zip 149 MB

Development log


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It's a problem with Chrome's XSS protection blocking certain local resourses. I didn't pick it up as I only tested with Firefox and Edge.

I'm currently in the process of re-writing the story and will work on that once I get the story to a better standard and start working on the game properly.

Web version isn’t working.

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